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The Future of MBE Contribution to the Automotive Electronics Value Chain



AEL Span Sequencing

The ultimate in delivery requirements, the art of sequencing product into a manufacturing facility is about both precision and planning. Our experienced Operations team knows the details matter in this operation. One part in the wrong position in a shipping rack can affect a manufacturing operation, the ultimate shipping error.

To perform without defect, we fully plan and document any new sequencing process well before the first part is shipped. Using Quality Core Tools and proven methods, we coordinate the planning portion of the sequencing process between our Operations and IT department with the client requirements. We build error-proofing methods into this process to ensure our clients receive what they are expecting.



A Cross-Dock operation is about moving product as fast as possible and Real-Time Information is vital in the management this type of operation. Our proprietary IT systems ensure complete traceability of product within any point within our warehouse and can translate that information into real time feedback to our management team via our customizable electronic dashboards. Our Operations Management team uses this information to ensure team and individual productivity metrics are met from receiving to lane putaway time to air hotline cycle time to the number of containers loaded.

Our team can directly interface with our clients systems to transmit receipt, order and shipment information. Our Quality team will ensure the flow of materials is properly planned to efficient movements within our walls. Our experience team knows there is no simple cross dock and every example has its unique requirements and unique opportunities to create innovation.

Inspection & Containment

Inspection and Containment

At AEL Span, we do everything possible to ensure our clients are able to provide zero-defect product to their customer. For highly sensitive products such as electronics, this is often a planned pre-delivery inspection of the functionality of a part. This type of planned inspection can be built into our warehousing services. Reporting requirements on rejections can be customized to our clients need to pinpoint specific issues and help our clients minimize failure modes.

Automotive clients with factories in Asia have long lead times on parts which means reacting to issues found at a manufacturing plant or changes to part forecasts are slow. This is where we can provide an enormous bottom-line benefit. Whether it’s a call a midnight to sort parts for a particular failure mode prior to the next shipment or it’s a request to make a bracket change on the thousands of parts in-transit and in stock, we support our clients to minimize manufacturing down time at the OEM.